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Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (2009)

October. 20,2009
| Horror Thriller

A group of people find themselves trapped in the backwoods of West Virginia, fighting for their lives against a group of vicious and horribly disfigured inbred cannibals.


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One of my all time favorites.


Absolutely Fantastic


If the ambition is to provide two hours of instantly forgettable, popcorn-munching escapism, it succeeds.


Very good movie overall, highly recommended. Most of the negative reviews don't have any merit and are all pollitically based. Give this movie a chance at least, and it might give you a different perspective.


The third Wrong Turn movie might not have the atmosphere of the first one but it is very bloody and psycho-trap enough to watch. It is one of those movies that you should all watch with your pals and say oh man that is messed up, that is some real sh*t. I totally recommend it for a relaxing night and i have to admit this cannibal's face will hunt me for the rest of my life. And maybe you, when you go for a walk in the woods you'll think about him!It is not a total waste of time. There are worse. Watch it.

Syo Kennex

Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead is the third instalment in the sequel trilogy of Wrong Turn. Released in 2009, this film takes up the reigns after the reality show of the second film goes horribly wrong. This time, prison convicts and their corrections officer end up crashing and, whilst travelling through the forest, meet a rafter who is on the run from a cannibalistic hunter, tracking them through the forest. They must all work together to survive, however, there's a hierarchy amongst the inmates, and the group have to face the challenges of being lead by one they do not trust.After enjoying the second Wrong Turn film, Dead End, I decided to watch Left for Dead, even though I knew it was likely going to be much worse than both second and first films of the series. Finding out this went straight to video, made me hesitate a little before watching it – horror films that go straight to video are usually the worst of the bunch. But still, I put it on and soldiered through it.I actually thought this one was really well made. The basic plot of being chased through the forest by Three Finger was revamped. Although the same plot, we had a lot of dynamics going on throughout the prisoners and the rest of the group, a danger there that was not yet seen in Wrong Turn films previously, and is a bit of a refreshing add in to the film and series.However, for all intent and purposes, this is still the same film as was done in 2003, just with new actors, new cannibals, and a new basic plot. Although the new idea of the group having issues with each other was refreshing, it's still just the same film. And it's a shame to see this because obviously thought went into it to see how they could revamp the series, how they could add more to the third film to make it a bit more unique.The characters in this were really good. Nate and Alex were wonderful characters – until the ending when Alex lost all her development, and became a damsel in distress – and did this just become Saw at one point? That made me frown a little, when Alex was being held by Three-Finger; the whole plot just seemed to become Saw, and it was a total let down. It just felt like they were trying to rip off the success of the Saw franchise, that was beginning to dominate the horror franchise with a new form of survival horror.I feel like this was definitely the weakest film of the Wrong Turn Sequel trilogy – the three films, 4-6, are set before the films 1-3 – and it was a shame. Although refreshing in some aspects, characters would lose their development, the plot ended up the same, and the CGI for this one was just utterly diabolical. I definitely wouldn't watch this one again, and after watching this, I still don't know why I went on and watched films 4-6. I would say definitely watch the first two Wrong Turn films, and then leave the series at that.


On it's own it's an OK movie, but nowhere next to the best in the Wrong Turn franchise.Left for Dead goes back to the original inbreed slasher they had in the original, which is a good thing, and vast improvement over the last one.This time around the inbreed slasher family (I don't know if they have an official name) hunt down a bus filled with inmates from a near by penitentiary who attempt to escape after the inbreeds cause their bus accident only to wish they were back on the bus heading for prison.Not since John Carpenter's, The Thing has there been a horror movie with so much testosterone being hunted like oversexed teenage girls, but I guess A group of prisoners who have not been with a woman in a while can give off the same sent to a slasher.So the one thing this movie does well that the whole franchise is built on is doing things differently than other slasher films and not relying too much on the clichés.But the characters being killed are not that interesting, and are not played too well by the actors portraying them, so it falls really short of what it could be.On its own, it's mediocre but the weight of having it be a part of the wrong turn titles gave it shoes to big to fill, and it couldn't do it.


A prison bus carrying a full complement of dangerous criminals is travelling through the wilds of West Virginia when it is forced off the road by inbred cannibalistic mutants. Overpowering their guards Nate (Tom Frederic) and Walter (Chucky Venn), the criminals—still chained together by the ankles—make a bid for freedom (with guards in tow), but are hunted down by the hideous flesh-hungry hicks. The discovery of a wrecked security van full of cash and a chance meeting with Alex (Janet Montgomery), the only survivor of an earlier mutant attack, causes additional complications, the greedy cons arguing over who gets the green and who gets the gal.The plot for this third chapter in the popular gory backwoods horror franchise sure is dumb, but nowhere near as dumb as the characters themselves (and I'm not talking about the film's inbreds, who actually display a degree of intelligence). In fact, the decisions taken by the cons and the guards are so stupid that, when one of the victims has his head cracked open like an egg by a brain-hungry freak, I was expecting it to be completely empty. The phrase 'Careful, it could be a trap' is uttered on several occasions, but it doesn't stop these morons from walking right on in—serves them right when they get their face sliced off! One of the guards even finds a gun in the security van and uses it without checking it for bullets—how idiotic is that? And then there's that classic horror movie mistake: just assume that the killer is dead, don't make sure. When will people learn? (talking of which, when will I learn that horror films set in America but made in Bulgaria are generally not worth the time of day?)4.5 out of 10 for the brutal gore (some decent practical FX and some woeful CGI), generously rounded up to 5 for brunette babe Louise Cliffe, who provides the film's only nudity and whose death scene is a corker.