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Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings (2011)

October. 17,2011
| Horror Thriller

A group of friends take refuge in a deserted sanatorium after they are left stranded in a snowstorm. Later, the place becomes a death trap when man-eating cannibals surround them.


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The film makes a home in your brain and the only cure is to see it again.


There are moments in this movie where the great movie it could've been peek out... They're fleeting, here, but they're worth savoring, and they happen often enough to make it worth your while.


The story, direction, characters, and writing/dialogue is akin to taking a tranquilizer shot to the neck, but everything else was so well done.


First, I will talk non-spoilers, then I will go into the spoilers.The premise of this movie takes us an insane asylum where doctors and psychiatrist study the phenomenon that are these inbred monsters from the previous films. Think of it like Arkham Asylum from the Batman mythology. A group of attractive college students go on a snowmobile excursion and are forced to bed down at this "abandoned" hospital/Asylum for the night after they get snowed in. This means they are likely in the north US or somewhere in Canada. As you can expect, terror is around the corner and some of them may not make it out alive.As you can probably foresee, the group has to make various life/death decisions in order to survive. What is particularly infuriating is the inconsistency in which they make these decisions. Any movie goer who witnesses this will yell at the screen because it will tick many people off.***SPOILER ALERT***At one point in the movie, the group witnesses one of their friends go missing, only to find his head wrapped in a shirt. Then, they see the killers brutally murder one of their friends right before their eyes. At this point, they must find temporary shelter, gain their composure and figure out their next move to be secure their survival. One decision they decide democratically, which involves them planning to outsmart the killers, which works out and leads to them trapping all three killers in one of the basement cells. At that point, all but one decided to kill the freaks while they have them dead-to-rights. But of course, one of the girls in the group finds some moral compass and thinks they should leave the freaks, who just brutally murdered at least three of their friends, alive. The group reluctantly submits to the girl who with compassion. This made no sense, since they used a vote to make their previous decision. Had they voted here, they likely would have survived. This decision was costly.


I loved the first one. Eliza Dushku is a goddess. The second was a decent sequel. The third...went down hill real fast. And this one, the fourth one...the prequel, is sad. Real sad. It pretty much ignores the first one and rewrites the history of the three cannibal brothers. Instead of living in the woods, like the original, they now live in a sanitarium. And Three- Finger missing two of his fingers and One-Eye, well, missing one eye isn't because they're, you know, inbred mutants but because they were hungry and decided to eat those particular body parts. I don't like when movies rewrite history without a good reason, and there was no good reason in this films case. They took somebody's unrelated script and introduced the Wrong Turn cannibals into it. Not impressed. Also, the acting was horrible, the kills were horrible (blood spurting out looked fake, bad CGI fake), the makeup for the hillbillies was horrible (they should have never replaced Julian Richings), and the storyline (including the rewritten backstory for the cannibals) was horrible. In short, a really horrible film, but not the most horrible film I've ever seen so I gave it an 3/10.


Not sure why the movie is called Bloody Begins. Unless I missed something, the movie is not a prequel to the first, and this family of inbreeds that are the feature slashers in all the films are not consistent enough for anyone to notice the ones in this movie are different from the ones in the others. A group of kids on a ski trip make a Wrong Turn heading for their cabin to an abandoned insane asylum were three of the mutant inbreed kids from the last three films were being held until they "liberated" the patients.Own its own, Bloody beginnings is a pretty good horror flick with some gory slow deaths and a lot of hot girls being chased by the inbreeds. Plus some really interesting kills that make you laugh out "oh snap" even though you see them coming.As part of the franchise, part four was better than part three and like all of them, it did bring something unique to the slasher movie genre. The victims never seem as helpless as in other slasher films. Not as many "don't go into that room" situations. It's everything you hope you would be if the situation came up (though I'm not stupid enough to take a Wrong Turn into the woods). This is what I love about the franchise as a whole. Plus the action picks up as the film progress.Thumbs up!


Story: We start by seeing a tour of the mental hospital where we find our cannibals locked up only for them to escape and leaving the hospital in the hands of the other mental patients. This completes the origin story for our cannibals a less than 10 minute introduction in a film that is called 'Bloody Beginning'. Next up we meet the group of college students who are off for a weekend snowboarding but after they get lost looking for their location they take up shelter in the now abandoned mental home. Overnight the group gets attacked and haunted by the group of now grown up cannibals. We have to see who will make it out alive. With what should be a longer origin story it really is just a glorified escape plan. The group of college students are hugely unlikable and put in way too much fake screaming and crying. This story will having screaming at the screen 'STOP BEING F*CKING IDOITS' because they make so many mistakes and constantly contradict what they just said about doing. They even have a chance to kill the cannibals and don't use it, 'hello these mad man have just butchered and eaten your friends but you want them to lock them up and let the police who you can't get hold off sort them out'. This story has so many things wrong with it, it is unbelievable. (2/10)Actor ReviewJennifer Pudavick: Kenia I believe she is meant to be the smart one of the group, who gets easily scared and doesn't want to deal with the pranks of the others. She keeps coming up with plans but never follows through with any of them and nearly every one she plans ends up with somebody dying. Jennifer gives a terrible lead performance with fake screaming and crying throughout. (3/10)Tenika Davis: Sara part of the group and along with her girlfriend is on the trip to have a good time. Seems to be the one willing to fight most of all the group, she also stays loyal to her friends. Tenika gives a poor performance never convinces and seems to be forced into two unnecessary lesbian love scenes. (3/10)Kaitlyn Leeb: Bridget girlfriend of Sara who is on the trip for a good time. In a weird way she is the only one who makes sense and just wants to leave, but no one will listen to her, she does show a lack of loyalty to her friends. Kailyn gives a poor performance as she never looks like she is in the right film. (3/10)Support Cast: Filled with other friends who all make disposable characters and the cannibals who make for good hunters you actually cheer for by the end.Director Review: Declan O'Brien – Taking the franchise the wrong way here, he is making the films worse and ruining what was starting to get good. (3/10)Horror: Loses a lot of horror aspects but still has plenty of blood and gore. (5/10) Thriller: Doesn't pull you in as much as it should do. (2/10) Settings: Isolation side of the story is created and moving the location to a mental facility over the mountain ranges. (10/10) Special Effects: Mix of effects throughout starting strong but then falling into sloppy CGI. (3/10) Suggestion: I think even if you are a fan of the franchise you will struggle to enjoy this one. (Avoid) Best Part: Hard to pick one Worst Part: Characters Stupid Decisions Believability: No (0/10) Chances of Tears: No (0/10) Chances of Sequel: 2 More on the way Post Credits Scene: NoOscar Chances: No Runtime: 1 Hour 33 Minutes Tagline: These hillbillies are going crazyOverall: Disappoints GreatlyCheck out more reviews on http://moviesreview101.com/