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Rap Sh!t

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Rap Sh!t (2022)

July. 21,2022
| Comedy
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Two estranged high school friends from Miami reunite to form a rap group.


Seasons & Episode

Seasons 2 : 2023


8 Episode


Episode 1 - Yield
November. 09,2023

Before their upcoming tour with Reina Reign, Shawna reconnects with Francois, while Mia hesitates over leaving Melissa behind.

Episode 2 - Heavy Traffic
November. 09,2023

While struggling to see eye-to-eye on tour, Shawna and Mia find themselves at an uncomfortable afterparty.

Episode 3 - Rough Road
November. 16,2023

As Mia enjoys her time with a love interest, Chastity and Shawna get real, and Maurice receives an ultimatum.

Episode 4 - Detour
November. 23,2023

Interestingly frustrated with Francois and Reina Reign’s behavior, Shawna, Mia and Chastity start to push back. Later, Shawna bonds with Lord AK in the studio, while Mia frets over her mistake with Ca$h.

Episode 5 - Dead End
November. 30,2023

In Los Angeles, Francois entices Shawna and Mia with lucrative deal -- but only under one condition. At the Billboard party, Mia balances two love interests, Shawna and Lord AK draw closer together, and Chastity starts to lose her confidence.

Episode 6 - U-Turn
December. 07,2023

After returning to Miami, Shawna meets up with Maurice, and Mia finds that her old life has changed without her.

Episode 7 - No Parking
December. 14,2023

With their tour officially over, Shawna weighs a career-changing offer from Francois, while Chastity reaches back out to an A&R rep. As Mia focuses on her family, a discovery threatens her relationship with Lamont.

Episode 8 - Under Construction
December. 21,2023

When presented with differing opportunities, Shawna and Mia must decide once and for all whether their loyalties lie with Francois or Chastity; Maurice and Shawna face the music, as Mia gets a disconcerting wake-up call at Melissa's birthday party.

Seasons 1 : 2022


8 Episode



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