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George Carlin's American Dream

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George Carlin's American Dream (2022)

May. 20,2022
| Documentary
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This two-part documentary chronicles the life and work of the legendary comedian, tracking George Carlin’s rise to fame and opens an intimate window into Carlin’s personal life, including his childhood in New York City, his long struggle with drugs that took its toll on his health, his brushes with the law, his loving relationship with Brenda, his wife of 36 years, and his second marriage to Sally Wade. Intimate interviews with Carlin and Brenda’s daughter, Kelly Carlin, offer unique insight into her family’s story and her parents enduring love and partnership.


Seasons & Episode

Seasons 1 : 2022


2 Episode


Episode 1 - Part 1
May. 20,2022

In the 1960s, young George Carlin cuts his teeth in comedy – but stifles his rebellious instincts to achieve mainstream success. As the counterculture emerges, Carlin reinvents himself, shocking and delighting 1970s audiences with sets like "The Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television," while battling personal demons.

Episode 2 - Part 2
May. 21,2022

After a slump in the ‘80s, Carlin comes back with a vengeance, reaching new heights – and new audiences – with another reinvention that highlights his prescient political commentary and sharply honed observations about the state of America and the world. Following his death in 2008, fellow comics reflect on his enduring legacy.

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