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Amend: The Fight for America

Amend: The Fight for America (2021)

February. 17,2021
| Documentary

When the United States of America was founded, the ideals of freedom and equality did not apply to all people. These are the stories of the brave Americans who fought to right the nation’s wrongs and enshrine the values we hold most dear into the Constitution — with liberty and justice for all.


Seasons & Episode

Seasons 1 : 2021


6 Episode


Episode 1 - Citizen
February. 17,2021

After escaping slavery, Frederick Douglass becomes a pivotal voice calling for citizenship for Black Americans, a dream realized in the 14th Amendment.

Episode 2 - Resistance
February. 17,2021

After ratification, violent atrocities, court rulings and the Lost Cause ideology systematically subvert the 14th Amendment's promises of equality.

Episode 3 - Wait
February. 17,2021

As the civil rights movement gains momentum in the 1960s, Martin Luther King Jr. orchestrates protests that goad President John F. Kennedy into action.

Episode 4 - Control
February. 17,2021

In the 1970s, women appeal to evolving interpretations of the 14th Amendment in their fight to achieve equality and control their own destinies.

Episode 5 - Love
February. 17,2021

After decades of setbacks, the struggle for same-sex marriage equality culminates in an Ohio couple's case taken up by the Supreme Court in 2015.

Episode 6 - Promise
February. 17,2021

Immigrants have long put their hope in America, but intolerant policies, racism and shocking violence have frequently trampled their dreams.

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