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Hozuki's Coolheadedness

Hozuki's Coolheadedness (2014)

January. 10,2014
| Animation Comedy Sci-Fi

Hōzuki is the aide to the great king of Hell, King Enma. Calm and super-sadistic, Hōzuki tries to resolve the various problems in Hell, including a rampaging Momotarō and his companions. However, he also likes spending his free time on his hobbies, such as fawning over cute animals and raising "Goldfish Flowers."


Seasons & Episode

Seasons 2 : 2017


26 Episode


Episode 1 - Ancient Underworld Overhaul / The Palace with the Malice
October. 08,2017

As Lord Enma passes judgement on the denizens of hell, Hozuki's past is revealed. Has he always been a demon?

Episode 2 - Hell Minion for a Day / The Line Between Workaholic and Artist
October. 15,2017

Hozuki takes Maki and Miki around as hell minions to capture special tortures never seen before on film!

Episode 3 - The Auspicious Alliance / Eccentric Cuckoo-land Creature
October. 22,2017

The Four Benevolent Beasts argue over a meal about who is older and how well they are aging. Meanwhile, Hozuki has some problems of his own down in Hell.

Episode 4 - The Legend of Mustard / Please Turnip for the Demon Parade
October. 29,2017

Koban the paparazzo gets an interview with Mustard. When Hozuki gets involved in the interview as well, Koban gets far more of a performance than he bargained for.

Episode 5 - Ono no Takamura / Great King Enma and Anecdotes
November. 05,2017

After continually being mistaken for the Great King Enma, King Shinko muses about how he should differ himself to avoid future confusion with the deceased.

Episode 6 - Princess Sakuya's Showtime / The Battle of Children's Limbo
November. 12,2017

We get a look at Young Hozuki and what he was like when he was younger. Later, Hozuki has to deal with some children who ended up in Hell.

Episode 7 - In Those Days You Were Always On Edge / Dr. Monkshood
November. 19,2017

The inventions and ideas of the Engineering Department are being discussed while Young Hozuki tries to make sense of it all.

Episode 8 - Hopping Vampire
November. 26,2017

Young Hozuki accidentally discovers the dead and meets quite a unique King with an extraordinary power.

Episode 9 - Snow Demon / The Offices of Boring
December. 03,2017

A showdown arises between the Cold Hells and the Hot Hells. Meanwhile, Hozuki unravels the path of how the deceased enter hell.

Episode 10 - Kagachi's Coolheadedness / Married to His Work
December. 10,2017

Hozuki is questioned about his humdrum, daily program in the normal world. Meanwhile, the Gods demonstrate their extraordinary matchmaking capabilities.

Episode 11 - Family / The Hounds of Hell
December. 17,2017

Hozuki, with great reluctance, agrees to take a vacation for the weekend. In the meantime, the dogs bicker as they try to distinguish themselves amongst each other.

Episode 12 - King Gokan's Chief of Staff / Hell's Hot Springs
December. 24,2017

Shiro discovers the mighty Scales of Karma and yearns to do one more thing that will make him an accomplished dog of hell.

Episode 13 - Master of Hell / Have a Drink and Get Some Rest
December. 31,2017

The arrival of a special guest brings an unceasing barrage of annoyances as Hozuki prepares for the end of year party.

Episode 14 - The Day-to-Day at the Offices of Enma / 1 Soup, 3 Dishes, 10 Meats
April. 08,2018

Hozuki conducts interviews while dealing with a fraud and all the newcomers.

Episode 15 - What is a Magical Girl? / Indulging in Western Clothing
April. 15,2018

Learning about witches and girls western clothing bring about a whole new set of annoyances for Hozuki.

Episode 16 - Dakini of the Welcoming Committee / Under the Sod
April. 22,2018

Dealing with flesh-eating demons is a lot easier than receiving a vaccination (only if you're Hozuki, of course).

Episode 17 - The Man Who Learned From Yokai / The Woman Who Makes Use of Yokai
April. 29,2018

Love is a complicated thing, especially when the police and eons of family feuding are involved. Leave it to Hozuki to talk about...employee benefits?

Episode 18 - Amanojaku / Go Home, Crane
May. 06,2018

A stranded crane presents a set of holy and annoying problems for Hozuki, who was only trying to be... nice?

Episode 19 - Slippery as a Catfish / Gon Gets to Work
May. 13,2018

Hozuki learns that self-deprecation and laziness isn’t just for the Mundane world but is still just as annoying. How… tragic.

Episode 20 - Games / Mechanical Chief of Staff
May. 20,2018

Shiro, Rurio and Kakisuke take some time off at the Arcade and run into some interesting people. Hozuki has to entertain some new guests, hooray?

Episode 21 - The Rabbit Called Mustard / Types
May. 27,2018

The tiny and hellishly mighty Mustard describes her typical day of writing in her diary, looking for a partner and torturing souls.

Episode 22 - Yakan Siblings / Shiro's Butt is in a Real Jam
June. 03,2018

Hozuki, the ever eccentric man, is invited to teach young children about Hell. What could possibly go awry?

Episode 23 - Fundamentally / Mixed Martial Arts Contest
June. 10,2018

After some intense training with Hozuki, Mustard is ready for battle (even if her opponents are less than awake)!

Episode 24 - The Stripping Hag and Clothes-hanging Geezer / Chef Miki
June. 17,2018

Hozuki teaches the hell minions about the old people that dwell at the Sanzu River bank and the monsters within, but it proves to be more of a headache than anticipated.

Episode 25 - Onki / Animals Don't Forget One's Kindness
June. 24,2018

Momotaro returns to the fabled Ogre Island in response to a recent incident. Later, Hozuki visits the court of King Shoko, where animals are called as material witnesses.

Episode 26 - Unrivaled at Poker / Is Hell Your Intended Destination?
July. 01,2018

Hozuki uses the apathetic nature of the Zashiki Warashi twins to wrangle a newcomer to Hell. Later, Hozuki settles a disagreement between different departments.

Seasons 1 : 2014


13 Episode



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