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Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts (1991)

May. 03,1991
| Comedy

Second thoughts is a British sitcom that ran from 3 May 1991 to 14 October 1994. It was broadcast on ITV and made by LWT. It was followed by a sequel, Faith in the future. Second thoughts followed the lives of two middle-aged divorcees, Bill MacGregor and Faith Greyshott, from very different backgrounds trying to develop a relationship, despite the pressures pulling it apart. Second thoughts was based upon the real-life relationship of the writers, husband and wife Jan Etherington and Gavin Petrie. It originally aired as a radio series on BBC Radio 4 broadcast between 1 November 1988 and 23 July 1992. The radio series consisted of four series and a Christmas special broadcast in 1992 with a total of 31 episodes. The radio scripts were used for the television series on ITV. The fifth series was considered weaker than the first four series; it was the only series not to be based on the original radio scripts. Second thoughts ended on 14 October 1994, but has since been repeated on ITV3. The original radio series is often replayed on BBC7.


Seasons & Episode

Seasons 5 : 1994


8 Episode


Episode 1 - What's New?
August. 26,1994

Joe is having a bad day and decides not to go to work, causing Faith to worry about him.

Episode 2 - Work Experience
September. 02,1994

Liza leaves her job as Vista's editor, paving the way for Bill to take over the magazine's top job.

Episode 3 - She's Leaving Home
September. 09,1994

Faith finally has enough of her offspring's demands and decides to move out to teach them a lesson.

Episode 4 - Mortal Thoughts
September. 16,1994

Faith's new job for a health magazine makes her more aware of health-related issues, and she begins advising everyone else on how they should eat and live.

Episode 5 - Dress Circle
September. 23,1994

Faith has a temperature and has to stay in bed. As a result, Bill has to search for someone else to accompany him to the magazine's annual dinner.

Episode 6 - Sporting Chance
September. 30,1994

Faith comes over all protective when Joe starts college. Meanwhile, Richard organises a charity week at the wine bar.

Episode 7 - Full House
October. 07,1994

Faith discovers her ex-husband, John, is coming to England for their goddaughter's wedding.

Episode 8 - Friday the Thirteenth
October. 14,1994

Joe prepares to take his driving test, while Bill anticipates the board's decision on confirming his position as the magazine's editor.

Seasons 4 : 1993


7 Episode


Seasons 3 : 1992


15 Episode


Seasons 2 : 1992


12 Episode


Seasons 1 : 1991


7 Episode



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