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Hunderby (2012)

August. 27,2012
| Comedy
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Helene is a shipwreck survivor washed ashore near a small English village. There, she is swept off her feet by widowed pastor Edmund and the two soon marry, with the puritanical Edmund believing his bride to be untouched by another man. But it seems that she has a history, and a dark one at that.


Seasons & Episode

Seasons 2 : 2015


2 Episode


Episode 1 - Episode 1
December. 10,2015

The British Comedy Award-winning series returns as Julia Davis's malevolent housekeeper Dorothy attempts to get her claws into master Edmund.

Episode 2 - Episode 2
December. 17,2015

Hester tries to drive a wedge between Helene and Graham. Edmund is caught in a compromising position, so Dorothy comes up with a self-serving plan to save his bacon.

Seasons 1 : 2012


8 Episode



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