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'Trolls 2' Topped the Weekend Box Office in the U.S.

'Trolls 2' Topped the Weekend Box Office in the U.S.

'Trolls 2' Topped the Weekend Box Office in the U.S.

In mid-March, as the epidemic in the United States worsened dramatically, the brick-and-mortar movie theaters operated by several major North American theater chains were closed for nearly three months. Only a handful of outdoor drive-ins have continued to operate in The North American market during this period, with films scheduled to be released either on pay-per-view or later.

Now that the epidemic has leveled off in the United States, some states have eased restrictions on "social distancing," with Texas, Georgia and Tennessee among others allowing indoor movie theaters to reopen last month.

While big chains like AMC and Regel aren't planning to reopen for the time being, many smaller independent theaters are opening again. Deadline reports that 600 theaters have reopened in North America, or 12 percent of the total.

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