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"Avatar 2" can be released as scheduled

"Avatar 2" can be released as scheduled

Affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in March this year, the production of the "Avatar" series in New Zealand was "postponed indefinitely", which made the fans "desperate".

However, there is a good news for the "Avatar" Movies . In an interview with James Cameron said that he is optimistic that "Avatar 2" will be released as scheduled in December 2021. At the same time that the live-action was suspended, all the work that could help the film to be released as scheduled, including special effects, was being pushed forward as much as possible.

"This has caused a major obstacle to our progress. I want to go back and continue to do the filming work of the" Avatar "series, and according to the relevant provisions of the National Emergency Law, we can't do it now. So it is suspended.  We are trying to get back there as soon as possible. "Cameron said in an interview.

The good news is that the New Zealand epidemic is under very good control (1490 diagnosed, 1347 cured, 21 dead), new epidemic prevention policy is released, and the film crew is allowed to resume work.

"It's quite possible that our filming will be delayed for a few months, but we can do it as scheduled. So this is good news ... everyone at Vita Studios and Lightstorm do their best at home. My job is to do virtual on stage Camera, etc., so I can also do some editing work. "Cameron added.

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