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The Accountant

The Accountant (2016)

October. 13,2016
| Drama Thriller Crime

As a math savant uncooks the books for a new client, the Treasury Department closes in on his activities and the body count starts to rise.


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This movie is interesting and has many points that will keep a viewer engaged. The premise is solid,Ben Affleck and Anna Kendrick are both surprisingly likable and the story has some pace.But apart from that the movie slows down in many parts and may be boring,also many parts of the story don't make sense and are quite ridiculous. This was a great idea but executed ham handedly,the movie lacks focus and has a scattered feel that is more confusing than entertaining. Worth a watch to kill some time and watch a less unbearable Ben Affleck.


I've recently jumped onto the Ben A train and I believe that his choice of films (both as a director and actor) are truly impeccable, The Accountant no exception. He plays the role of a mathematician with autism significantly well, and the supporting cast holds the weight of his performance. The story is unique and surprisingly sentimental. The back story laid perfectly. If you watch carefully, the 'twist' isn't much of twist, but it's none the less a wonderful watch. Highly recommend it.


I seriously loved this movie.. but come on anna.. you could of at least chosen a more serious actress she destroyed my vibe for the movie.. it's just not for her tone..

Neil Welch

Christian Wolff - who, we already know, is somewhere on the autism scale - is a small-town tax accountant with a secret: he solves large-scale financial problems for unpleasant people who may have money-laundering issues. He starts working to unravel false accounting at a prosthetics/electronics firm just as the FBI start to intensify looking for the mysterious Accountant who works under the aliases of various mathematicians.This film is a bit difficult to classify. It has a bit of action, some mystery and suspense, and even a touch of comedy. It is a thriller and a character study. If you're an accountant (koff koff), there's even a bit of accountancy in there for you to slaver over. And you often don't know where it's going while it shows you multiple story threads until, towards the end, they begin to come together.But the journey through this mystifying confusion of seemingly disparate narrative strands is never less than entertaining, for a number of reasons. And the main one of these is Ben Affleck's performance as Christian. We see him initially as a child, full of OCD, with a rift between him and the rest of society, and an inability to cope with things like a task left incomplete. Only his brother is able to calm him at such times. Meeting him as an adult, he has clearly developed strategies which enable him to cope in society, but he still remains seemingly emotionless, able to imitate some element of emotional connection but not really experiencing it. Affleck, who seemed to lose his way as an actor, has found it again here: he is first-rate, and an Oscar nomination looks likely (Oscar does seem to like characters with handicaps). The rest of the cast is also excellent.The action and direction are very good and the story is immensely satisfying, albeit you are left with unanswered questions (who is the mysterious woman on the other end of the phone, an intermittent dea ex machina?) and, perhaps, an idea that not everything makes as much sense as it ought to.Nonetheless, this film merits strong recommendation.