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Black Mirror: USS Callister

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Black Mirror: USS Callister (2017)

Plot Unknow.

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Rating : 8.3
Studio :
Crew : Production Design,  Director, 
Cast : Jimmi Simpson Jesse Plemons Billy Magnussen Cristin Milioti Michaela Coel
Genre : Drama Thriller Science Fiction




To me, this movie is perfection.


Takes itself way too seriously


Don't Believe the Hype


Admirable film.


This was a good episode. Enjoyable, liked the main character, and it's well shot. A little devoid of emotion though.


I watched this episode first by accident (due to how my Netflix was setup), and I liked it so much I watched another 2 episodes right away :PWithout getting into to too much detail, I think the episode was a perfect example of the shows synopsis: "An anthology series exploring a twisted, high-tech world where humanity's greatest innovations and darkest instincts collide."Robert Daly possesses the ability to do some remarkable things with the "innovative" tech that he has created, and he has gone one step further with his personal iteration of the tech. It would appear that his version was originally designed as a way to "get away" from the real world, but eventually evolved into a separate reality where he has taken on a bit of a god complex, and that is where his "darker instinct" shines through with those who don't play by the rules.(Sidenote, perhaps if he worked with the crew to enjoy the experience, they might have actually got into it to...)


It could have scored higher had there not been grade-school science mistakes like what is encoded in DNA and how programming actually works (and doesn't). The drama is certainly fine, but it doesn't rise to the level of other virtual reality episodes like White Christmas and San Juniper, which much more nail the internal logic of their sci-fi "what if?" scenario.There also needed to be a really solid reason why the newcomer was so easily able to do what the others (at least the other programmer) hadn't been able to do for a long time. That deux-ex-machina was consistent with the cheesy "Space Fleet" story lines (which made total sense), but not with the the real world and what we've come to expect from solid Black Mirror scripts. The entire "call a pizza on the guy to distract him so you can enter his home and take stuff" was right out of a sitcom practically. Simply put, the script needed to be scrutinized a lot more. The actual idea was wonderful, and merited more solid logic to it all.I hope this isn't a trend. It was the first episode where everything seemed American, which tends to dumb down things more so than stuff from the UK, and choosing spectacle over substance.


Great start of the new season. A not too gloomy episode targeted on Sci-Fi from the 60's and the nerds who love it. By chance I just finished watching the second series of Fargo and I was pleasantly surprised to see two of the main characters in different roles.Piemons is Robert Daly, the lonely nerd managing a high-tech company by day and brave spaceship captain by night.Milioti, looking healthy and strong, is Nanette Cole, a contemporary woman who ends up trapped in the spaceship as an hapless, miniskirted girl from the 60s.Don't expect a Star Trek episode, even if at the start it looks a lot like that.

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