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Batman: Year One

Batman: Year One (2011)

October. 18,2011
| Adventure Animation Action Crime

When Bruce Wayne and James Gordon move to Gotham City, the idealistic Wayne declares war on the city’s criminals, swiftly becoming Batman in the process.


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Don't listen to the negative reviews


Entertaining from beginning to end, it maintains the spirit of the franchise while establishing it's own seal with a fun cast


If the ambition is to provide two hours of instantly forgettable, popcorn-munching escapism, it succeeds.


It's entirely possible that sending the audience out feeling lousy was intentional


I saw this movie about two years ago and it wasn't that memorable, to be honest.But I do remember that mainly focused on Commissioner Gordon's life as a cop and his life struggles because of his wife having a baby, him having an affair with a colleague at work and to putting an end to the Batman. The movie kinda had bad animation and I find it weird that Selina Kyle bearly has hair, a daughter and if I remember correctly a husband or a an agent who she ends up killing. I must admit though in a scene where a swarm of Bats come in that reminded me of Batman Begins (See my review) when he is getting away with the cops.I also think that Bryan Crayson, sorry if I missed spelt his name wrong, was a good voice for Jim Gordon.


Frank Miller after writing the Dark Knight Returns (More about it later) he wrote Batman Year One, in which we saw how co-missioner Gordon and Batman started their careers in crime fighting in Gotham. What I liked it is that this story is also an origin story for James Gordon as much as it is for the Caped Crusader. I agree with that for when a crisis hits Gotham these two guys always try to find each other in order to face the coming storm!Now I will focus more in Gordon for I have already analyzed the Dark Knight. Gordon is just an average Joe policeman with a strong sense of justice and in this crooked city and though he hasn't the training, intellect or gadgets of Bats he is as much of a hero as Batman ,for he is on the front line every day. This story line was used in Batman Begins, and why not? For it is awesome. To the main theme of the story which is that although they use different tactics in dealing with crime and their back stories couldn't be more apart from each other,they are both good men, made of solid steel and nerves, with a need to bring justice in a world full of injustice, corruption and nepotism.Now is the flick good , yes in its tide time it really sets very good the Gotham we all know and love, as well as the characters in their place. The animation is OK ,apart from two scenes, nothing ground breaking, but the job is done very well. However it isn't the best of all the animated films of Warner brothers and it doesn't try to be, so good for the creators that know their boundaries.The flick is recommended for hard core Batman fans and his environment that city full of Sins (hahaha, pun intended).

Kevin Lea Davies

The origins of Batman. There have been several renditions over his from his more wholesome and humble beginnings in the 'Silver Age' of comics, to Christopher Nolan's epic film trilogy of a man driven mad by the death of his parents. Printed in 1987, Year One was artist and writer Frank Miller's take on Batman's beginnings and is considered by many the official cannon of Wayne's long endeavour against crime.DC Animation did a wonderful job approaching Miller's work, and remained very true to the original work. There is very little alteration in plot and theme, as it retains it gritty and dark narrative, about a city lost to crime and corruption, and the struggle of good men in a city where good men are considered weak. You are introduced to two main characters, Bruce Wayne and James Gordon. Both outsiders, and both willing to make a difference in their own way. The theme of this film is one of absolute resolve and strength in the face of adversity.Where this film really excels is within its voice acting. Most people will be able to place Bryan Cranston as Lieutenant Gordon. Gordon, arguably the main character of this story, begins as a man in penance. He enters the city by train, regretting his actions that got him transferred to the most dangerous city in America, apprehensive about the future for his wife and himself. All of this is portrayed through these subtle inflections of voice, and Cranston does a fantastic job of maintaining this quality throughout the film. Ben McKenzie as Bruce Wayne / Batman is excellent in his role, and separates himself from previous voice actors. He portrays a man of drive and unforgiving resolve, yet at times a man who is uncertain of himself. The acting is solid throughout, which is no small feat in animation as it depends completely on how the actors use their voice.Batman is a symbol to many, as a stand against crime, yet his beginnings were not always easy. His struggle is a very real and human one. In many ways, he represents the best of us, and an unwavering determination to do what is necessary in the face of evil. Year One is arguably the best animated adaptation of a comic book to date.8/10


I was more reserved than most to see this movie. As a huge fan of Frank Millers comic for a long time i was worried how it would be transferred to the screen, but boy was i wrong. I feel embarrassed it has taken me this long to watch this movie, this was Batman at his animated best.The main reason i thought the film would struggle to do justice to the comic is, as anyone who has read the comics will know, Its a much darker, grittier version of batman and after recently watching under the red hood, which i enjoyed, it doesn't have that dark edge that i see in Batman. However the same cannot be said for this movie. It was like the pages of the comic were been lifted to the screen and coming to life before my eyes! its the closest adaptation of paper to screen you will ever see. The animation is done to a high standard, smooth and more colour than i had originally expected. The action sequences are particularly impressive without giving the viewer too much to concentrate on. its a well written script by Tab Murphy, although much of that credit has to go to Frank Miller as a lot of the dialogue is VERY similar to the source. The only let down for me was the voice casting. Bryan Cranston put in a solid effort as Jim Gordon but unfortunately Ben McKenzie did not do such a good job, he just doesn't have that grittiness i feel batman needed in this film more than any other. Such a shame they didn't use Kevin Conroy as i'm sure most fans will tell you, he is the voice of Batman.Overall, a really really good effort. Worth spending your hard earned money on, but definitely not one too see with the kids!