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《Deadpool 2》 is on the way!

《Deadpool 2》 is on the way!

《Deadpool 2》 is on the way!

《The avengers: the infinite war》 has faded away as time goes by, and another movie has come into the audience's eye: 《deadpool 2》!

I don't know if the audience remember that the death of the deadpool two years ago was a surprise to us, and some viewers criticized it, saying that superheroes shouldn't be like this; Some viewers love it very much: the original superhero can be so funny!

Now, the superhero who makes us love and hate is coming back, with the faith and the character of the first part, to meet the audience. It is believed that deadpool 2 will perform better on the basis of the first part, with better box office results!

Don't miss the audience who like deadpool, let's hope!

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