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A good black panther!

A good black panther!

A good black panther!

2018 Marvel first spring of "Panthers", in just over a week has won a variety of box office and word of mouth records. such as:

* Superhero Movie History Pre-sale box office highest

* The highest single-day box office

* Negro director movie box office highest

* Four days at the box office more than "Justice League"

These records are the tip of the iceberg, not many statements, it is important that the "Panthers" score just lifted ban, Rotten Tomato's Tomato 

Index hit 100%, this is the firsttime the super hero movie to get the best score of 100%, although not Can maintain 100%, but also at 97% freshness.

"Panthers" In presenting the visual presentation of modern science and technology combined with the traditional elements of Africa, the film also presents a performance technique different from that of Cyberpunk and the future minimalist. This emerging science-fiction expression, called African futurism, is a combination of black culture, African traditions and the fermentation of future technological elements.The reason why "Panther" differs from the visual presentation is that the introduction of African futurism has given the audience who used to seeing traditional science fiction settings suddenly fresh enough to see such a special set of science fiction.

In short, the 2018 Spring Marvel Universe 3.0 masterpiece "Panthers", you must also not miss, after all, "Panthers" is paving the way for the "Avengers 3" one of the important works, this year you "The Avengers 3 "do not look, can not be called a movie fan.

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