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Human (2015)

Rating : 8.5
Studio :
Crew : Yann Arthus-Bertrand /
Cast : Yann Arthus-Bertrand Luis Cancu
Genre :

A combination of first-person stories and exclusive aerial images, HUMAN is a unique documentary. This sensitive experience is an introspection into whom we are today as a community but also and most importantly as an individual. Through wars, inequalities, discriminations, HUMAN confronts us with the realities and the diversity of our human conditions. Beyond this darker side, testimonies show the empathy and the solidarities which we are capable of. All these contradictions are ours and HUMAN leads us to reflect about the future we wish to give to people and the planet today. Filmed in 60 countries during two years, HUMAN by Yann Arthus-Bertrand draws a portrait of nowaday’s Humanity.

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Life starts again every day---It was one of the most impressive papers I watched. Everyone is different and this difference is life.


The documentary which I watched from starting to the last title of end credits---It is full of human emotions, human values, compassion and stunning visuals. One can meet many persons from different corners of this planet who have a common ideology called humanity. It is very informative and one can experience almost all major human problems, can hear from the words of persons who may be victims or creators. The aerial and ground views of different parts of the planet like erupting lava, desert sand dunes, garbage area, etc. are at the peaks of its awesomeness.

Sarosi Robert

The definition of being a person, of being human...---This film is a definite masterpiece that can surely bring some pretty deep feelings in everyone's mind. Even tough I am not fully competent of understanding each and every one of those feelings I did learn quite a valuable lesson: Individually we are different but there is only one whole we can make and that is humanity itself. The movie consists of stories, little life stories that through their simplicity altogether with the atmosphere created by the people themselves make a great place to understand what life really is and how life differs from one person to another. It really forms an opinion on every single aspect of life like: poverty, love, feelings and death. The overall quality of the movie is amazing, not only by how the general structure is build but also from an emotional perspective. Moreover, watching each and every one of those people telling their stories gives you an opportunity to catch a glimpse in their life. Combining that with the wonderful collection of music and sceneries you are persuaded to endorse the idea of life thriving everywhere and in every condition. The stories are said through an interview form, the focus being strictly on the teller. The black background and the silence that surrounds gives a very deep view in those people lives, but here is where Yann Arthus- Bertrand's genius comes on. He makes us see and understand those ideas right from the people' s mind and perspective. To sum up, I can definitely recommend this documentary to absolutely anyone who wants to take a moment and enjoy the vastness of life and world. One small detail I want to say is that I have seen the three part version which in my opinion is very suitable to many people because it give you time to understand each one very easily.

Karlito Delacasa

The best documentary of the moment---Yann Arthus-Bertrand made the choice to give up completely to let the words of these men and women, freely frolic, opening their testimonies to the universal. To those who will oppose the length, the slowness of this film, I would advise them to slip into the meditative contemplation of these images, so little season in 2015, to my chagrin ...There are these battered women who have risen up after the torture, this prisoner who is waiting on death row and questioning the meaning of life, these former soldiers devastated by the violence lived, those survivors of the bombings or Of the death camps in Cambodia, those homosexuals who lived only in rejection, this former soldier who says his desire to kill again, those fixed glances which sometimes say madness or obsession. Everywhere, pain, suffering, death, the labor of an absolutely dramatic life, poverty that can not be imagined, the soil that a father joins, defeated, unable to feed his children.There are also these smiles, those shining skins, those deep eyes-black, blue, gold-those wonderful and vivid colors (the black skin of that African beauty under her pink veil) Happiness of the family, love, the beauty of the world that knows how to show oneself to those who really know how to look: Yann Arthus-Bertrand has managed the feat of showing us how similar we are all in the same boat- Earth...Two moments have reversed me: when a father in tears says that only the Love of the Other can save the world (Buddhism does not say anything else) and, towards the end, this black woman , Who confesses to living in poverty and offers to those who watch her to exchange their lives with hers, just to see ..A magnificent documentary, served by landscapes on the border of the real as they are magical (waves, deserts, Mongolian plains ... and this image of ending like tree of blood in the snow, or blood vessels caught in the Ice, breathtaking), which delivers existential, metaphysical and universal truths that will open up all those who will take the time to let themselves be embarked, to let their human sensibility take the helm.Thank you, Mr. Arthus-Bertrand, thank you for giving us this gift, even if it is not received without tears ...

Horst in Translation (filmreviews@web.de)

Indeed a very human work---"Human" is a 2015 movie by French filmmaker Yann Arthus-Bertrand and even if he is already over 70, he has not made movies for as long as you would expect, namely over 10 years according to IMDb. The film we have here is in all kinds of languages, so unless you are a true linguistic talent, you sill definitely need subtitles. as for the runtime, there are several indications. The version I watched at the theaters ran for 2 hours 30 minutes exactly pretty much, but I found versions that are 15 minutes shorter and according to IMDb, it is actually over three hours long, so it probably depends on the quantity of interview footage included how long your version will be. Anyway, with this description i already talk about what this film is essentially all about, namely interviews with random people of both sexes, all age groups from all over the planet. We find out about their past, their hopes, their dreams, their work and their life in general. There is nothing specific about this film at all. Sometimes, the issues the people talk about are similar, but everybody offers a different perspective on a subject. And sadly, what we can take from this film as one of the major lessons is that injustice and inequality are still so existent and probably always will be. But there are also moments when it is an uplifting movie, for example when you hear from people who give great spiritual messages, but there are also statements that you will not share at all. For me this was true when it comes to a guy and how he imagines women in his life. But the good thing is that it is all entirely subjective. It is these people's choice and you should not judge them for anything they say, just like you would not want to be judged by any of them.I will talk about some of my favorite moments now. I really like the almost last guy with his reference about saying "thank you" at your death bed. And what he says is probably something we all should desire to achieve, even if it is of course really difficult to see the light in the face of difficult unsatisfying situations in your life. Life itself is a great gift and we all are not even close to being as grateful as we should be for it. Another part I liked is the one coming from the former President of Uruguay when he talks about happiness. He refers to being humble as a core component in terms of finding it and I couldn't agree more. I think his statement is spot-on and I second everything he says. I believe that if you set new goals all the time and really want to achieve them so badly, then it's nothing too positive. Of course, ambition is important, but too much of it can be really destructive in my opinion. Happiness has a lot to do with humbleness and there are many many people who may never find it because they just can't get enough. Of course, on the other side, a certain level of necessities is crucial to have a life to enjoy and here I am talking about basic stuff mostly, but not exclusively. But back to this film, it was enjoyable throughout, had some really good moments, especially the ending for example. I would not call it one of my favorite films of the year, but I certainly recommend it.

Paulo Afonso Graner Fessel

I just can't stop watching it---When I picked up this movie to watch on my airplane when returning from a business trip, I couldn't imagine that it would affect me so deeply, in such an intense way I could never expect. Right, I love travelogues such as "Le Peuple Migrateur" and "Himalaya", but this one absolutely blew up my biggest expectations."Human" makes us dive into a journey of empathy for other human beings; a journey where you are going to laugh; where you are going to cry; where you are going to identify yourself to some of the histories which may be even your own history; where, I hope, that you may see that even if we are so different, in the end we are so equal.The version I saw had a big plus side - other from José Mujica, former Uruguayan president who is well known here in Latin America, there were no other "big shots" on screen - what you see and what you listen is the voice of people like you and me, who talk about love, about angry, about injustice, about despair, about the experience of being alive. This quality is kept on the extended version of the movie, which makes some statements longer and fuller in details.The movie can be watched on its entirety on YouTube, where longer versions of the interviews can be seen and the first name of the interviewee and his country are shown. Don't miss them, they make a beautiful complement to the movie.For closing up this commentary, more than never empathy is an article in dire need here in Brazil nowadays, and I hope that many people can see this movie and look to the people besides them and see them in a different light - I really do, after watching it. At almost 47, I never expected that a movie could still change the way I see people and see life in general, but this one accomplished the feat. Thanks for everybody who made this experience possible, I will be forever grateful to you.


A powerful documentary.---""I am poor. I will now define poverty. What is poverty to me? It's when I have to go to school but can not go. When I need to eat, but I can not. When I need to sleep, but I can not. When my wife and children suffer. I do not have the intellectual level needed to get out of this situation. neither I nor my family. I feel really poor in body and mind. And you rich, who are listening to me, what you have to say about their wealth?""Presented in 3 Volumes of 1 hour and a half duration each, HUMAN speaks about LOVE in the purest sense of the word; talks about the machismo and homophobia still very present in the world of wars and conflicts, about revenge and forgiveness, about the humiliating poverty of many and indifferent wealth of the few. It also talks about how the current system is unfair and how the work for most people is exhausting, stressful and unhappy, making them spend his life in exchange for a money can buy everything but quality of life or True Love.HUMAN makes it clear how the violence against others and contempt for the less fortunate, regardless for what reasons are, it's something completely useless and unnecessary. Because in every face and all eyes, be they rich or poor, black or white, victims or criminals, straight or gay, old or children, we see that all these people are human-beings, each with its peculiarities, cultures and different stories, yes, but human-beings above all.This Documentary makes us look inside ourselves and make the following questions:Why do I keep killing me to work for a lifetime in a job that makes me more harm than good, just to accumulate the maximum of goods I can, when I die I will not take anything with me? Why do we treat each other so badly? Why do we insist on seeing the other as a threat, an enemy, not a creature to be understood, heard and respected? Why do we insist we find ourselves higher or worse than others?If all - or at least most - do these simple questions and begin to see in every known and unknown face a Being-Human, surely the world would not this place so full of poverty, inequality and conflict.


Intense and inspiring look at our earth from above and inside fellow human hearts---A whopping 190 minutes of intense interviews and hypnotic aerial scenes. Do not go if you are tired. But excellent: makes you wonder what it means to be human. The film consists two main parts intercepting each other. One part is aerial videos of HD vivid colored, slow motioned, hypnotic yet mesmerizing nature scenes, packed human or city landscapes. Almost like a moving national geographic picture, it is dynamic and full of wonder as the camera closes in or zooms out or pan around to show you more story. Some of the impressive scenes include surfing in the sky with schools of birds which watching them changing leaders and maintaining their formation, or Arabian/Egyptians treading in the vast dessert with camels. Some packed human scenes included a crammed pool of Chinese swimmers, or some Africans with bags trekking behind a bulldozer like zombies on a landfill, looking for leftover treasures in a sea of garbage, or a group of Mongolian teenagers galloping on the grassland. These awesome scenes are accompanied by calm cello or tribal like folk songs, making you slow down and ponder what kind of life we are living on this planet.These wide shots are interlaced with closed ups of people around the world, talking candidly about their experiences, their fear, love, shame, anger, plead, happiness and gratefulness. Some cited examples and talk about injustice and their beliefs. I wonder how the producers got the people open up to their inner selves and talk about their deepest secrets: many of them burst into tears or choke up when they talk about something/someone dear to them. These people (more than 2000 of them) come from a wide range of background/race (60 countries), speaking all kinds of languages on a great variety of topics yet all of them are related to what it means to be a human being. Some were in prison, others in poverty, a number are gay or lesbian, some experienced war/genocide and witnessed/experienced terrible things done to them or their families. But there are also people who are thankful and pleased despite all the adversity or their mundane life. While some question the materialistic civilization and how we treat nature, all are honest and inspiring though a little intense.Therefore, it is great how the aerial videos space these interviews out and sort of take us away from the harsh reality and look at our life on this planet from a different perspective. Because when you step back and look at the bigger picture, perhaps everything makes sense and all of us have a mission to contribute to the history of humankind. I did not know the movie is available on YouTube – in three sections. The HD aerial shots are probably best watched on the big screen, although in the YouTube version, you can turn on the closed caption and see in which country the scenes are filmed and where the interviewees are from. But then, you may think where they come from affect their views and lose the essence or common thread of "humanness". Nonetheless, highly recommended.


Artistically beyond reproach---I never take time to do these things, but it needs to be said: This is an amazing piece of art. The emphasis on the human element is just perfect. If anything, it is a cure to public ignorance. Hope many teachers show this to the children in their classes, if only to let them know how lucky they are actually having a TV and the time spare to watch it. This world could use some more (long distance) compassion and this movie is part of solving that problem. Hopefully it will encourage and inspire other filmmakers to highlight human happiness, pain, suffering and all other emotions in more different ways to come. Just loved this whole movie and hope others will grow wise enough to see its beauty too.

simona gianotti

A stunning and emotionally gripping act of love towards mankind---A heartfelt and deeply committed doc-pic, HUMAN is of course something more and beyond a picture, it's an act of faithful love towards mankind, towards the frailties and strength of humanity, highlighting the intolerable but still arising contradictions of a sometimes illogical human world.The high-definition close-up shots of people's faces, courageously and honestly opening their soul to the viewer, creates a strong empathy and a sense of connection transcending all borders: we all feel the same, hurt the same, think the same. I found some interviews really touching, although never pathetic or overly affectionate, simply because real and human.The short intimate accounts of personal lives are spaced with visually stunning slow-motion aerial shots of impressive natural and human landscapes, and the music also complements the high emotional value of the picture, which I would highly recommend to see.

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